Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make Money Online!

Make Extra Money And Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Are you one of the thousands of people looking to make some extra money online? Maybe you have heard about making extra money from doing online surveys? Maybe you haven't tried it because you think that survey sites are a scam and that you won't get paid for your time and effort. But there are plenty of survey sites out there that definitely will pay for your time and effort. One of them is Paid Offers .

What I like about Paid Offers is that is another top paying survey site like Cash Crate and Treasure Trooper. There are a ton of offers you can do and the site is always running all kinds of different contests! You get paid to complete offers, join free survey panels, and shop online. This site can be one of your biggest online money makers as well.

The features that I really like about this survey site:
(1) It that is free to join. You don't have to invest any money, like you would with most other online programs,. What can be better than that? A survey site that cost you no money to join and you can make money easily from. All you have to do is put in the time and effort.

(2) The low minimum payout of $5.00. Probably the lowest of all the survey sites. You just have to earn at least $5 dollars to get paid. Once you make “payout” you will be sent a check. by mail! I have made a lot of money from this survey site.

(3) This is a US based website and is also open to International members to make money from surveys. So no matter where you live, you can make extra money from this site!

(4)You will also get paid just to sign up and the money that you earn adds ups very quickly.

Make Extra Money And Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

(5) A great referral percentage! You can make money from two levels of referrals. You will earn 40% of your first level referrals earnings and you will earn 10% of your second level referrals earnings. A great way to make your check bigger , is to refer other members.

(6) Another great point in favor of the site, is that the site owner is doing his best to make this the best survey site online! So there are a lot of offers that a member can do to make some extra money and there are all kinds of different contests! .But perhaps the single best thing about Paid Offers is the service you get from the Admin. Support always answer your concerns to the best of their abilities.

(7) There is an activity bonus available on this site. Every day that you login to your account at Paid Offers and participate you will be given 3.5 cents
That is around an extra $1.00 each month just for bring active in the site .It may not seem like much but it is a bonus for just going to the site and doing a daily survey or fill out an offer or two!
So you will be rewarded having active on the site.

(8) Another bonus feature is the loyalty bonus. When you login into your account, you will receive 1 cent once per day (every 24hrs). For example if you login at 12:00pm, you will receive credit and when you login tomorrow at 12:01 pm, you will be given credit again.

(9)Paid Offers even has a offer feedback system which works like the eBay feed back system! You can leave comments about an offer like if it was easy to do or if it credited fast and you can leave a “+1” for good feedback so other members know which offers are doing well. If the offer does not credit or was denied or of the offer was very hard to do. You can leave a comments about that and then you may leave a “-1” as a negative feed back.

What this does for everyone is you will be able to use this feed back as a guide to help you know what offers to do first or to help you decide if you want to do them at all based on their over all feed back rating

You will be able to rate the offer only after you have completed it and you are either denied or credited for the offer. You will automatically be sent an email with a link to leave your feedback for that offer.

Now that it I explained why I really like this site, go to Paid Offers and start making extra money!!

>Make Extra Money And Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

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  1. Great review! Thanks for Posting! I just signed up! Another great site to add to my GPT collection :)

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  2. Great list. I have been Earning Money Easy with the same sites! I highly recommend checking them out.

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  5. Sorry, I was going to tell you that your banner and links aren't working - but it looks like all of paidoffers is down :( I will be signing up when things are up and running.

  6. looks like we are kind of into the same thing.